Posted by: illinigirl | March 11, 2010


My friend Christan posted this on her blog. . . tooooooo funny.  I have not noticed this trend. . . however. . . I am a) not trendy and b) not a college student so perhaps this explains things.  The “no pants” concept would not go over well in the workplace, I think.  In fact, I’d have to send someone home if they came in like this. . .

Seriously, I love college. . . So proud of my sdchool right now.  I should have taken walk of shame pics in school and started a website. . . so many opportunities missed. . .




  1. LOVED IT!

  2. Oh man the no pants site is awesome!! I don’t understand why people don’t wear pants anymore. I go out and I’m always like the only person who is actually wearing pants or jeans. I don’t think I should be shunned for not wanting to spandex it up like the rest of America.

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