Posted by: illinigirl | March 10, 2010

Interview with myself: Bucket o’ Random

Um, you’re supposed to be working. . .

I will, I will. . . after this.

Why are you working so much?

That’s kinda the breaks with a new job.  I’m ridiculously behind on things and keep having more added to my plate, BUT I enjoy a lot of what I’m doing. . . and enjoy the people I work with.  It’s a good thing.

Seriously?  Tell us how you really feel. . . do you love your co-workers?

YES.  🙂  What I love now. . . Is that oddly enough, I am making fun of my Operations co-workers a lot.  It’s a strange turn-about.  I’ve often asked people at my old company what they will do without me to make fun of. . . It’s weird to be delivering the jokes for a change.  Fear not, I will give them plenty of material soon enough.

How is life?

It’s kinda spiraling out of control right now on the home and work fronts.  My hotel is so embarrassing that I will not let the cleaning people in.  My hotel room looks like a hoarder moved in.

Why don’t you clean this weekend?

I will!  I don’t have plans this weekend, and I’m going to try to get my life back in order.

What’s the thing that’s been perplexing you the most lately?

No one seems to be dying in my community back home.  I am okay with this, but it doesn’t seem possible.  There have been LONG stretches of time as of late with no obits. . . Is this really true???  (Yes, I check the obits back home every day.)

What shows are you liking now?

Um, I don’t have any major shows other than my usual. . . but tonight, since I am procrastinating, I watched “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”  I have watched this before and like it. . . but I never watch it because. . . I just don’t watch much T.V.  It was hilarious tonight.  I really love how JLD is very Bridget Jonesish.  I can appreciate any character like this because. . . I specialize in awkward.  I also watched “Modern Family” tonight.  I really haven’t thought it was that funny when I’ve watched it before, but tonight was really funny. . . The little boy was brilliant.

What is something interesting you’ve learned on Twitter?

Well, Conan doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter, but he picked a girl at random to follow.  She only had ~3 followers before. . . and now she has 22,660 followers.  When he followed her, he said “Your life is about to change.”. . . Yep, he was right.  She’s turning into an internet sensation and a TV star.  She’s raising money for Susan G. Komen through Twitter.  Pretty cool.

What about appliances?  Have you settled on those yet?

I think so.  I am so lucky to have a co-worker in my plant who used to work for an appliance company and has really good advice.  Okay, so I’m used to craptastic appliances so I should have low standards. . . BUT I must have good stuff in my beautiful kitchen.  The laundry room was a quandary though.  I was shocked and awed by all the new technology (my washer/dryer for the past three years was a stackable from circa 1988).  I am intrigued by front load H-E. stuff. . . HOWEVER. . . the thing that makes me angry is the pedestal drawer thingees. . . they are $263/piece. . . so this would be 1/3 the price of the washer and 1/3 the price of the dryer. . . DUMB!  My co-worker recommended a cheaper top load H-E option.  I would also save ~$526 in stupid drawers!!!  I have also decided that I think I’m going for this refrigerator.  It will be like a dream, I think.

Wow, this was truly a bucket o’ random. . . Um, work, where we at?

I haven’t started yet.  HAVE to start NOW!



  1. i heart conan.

  2. my brother and SIL bought this fridge and LOVE IT!

  3. I really hope that the new fridge can hold the 10 things that you put in there!

  4. Modern Family is my favorite new show this year. If it’s still on there, Hulu the episode called “The Incident.” Brilliant.

  5. OMG YES!! Love Modern Family!!! WATCH IT!!!!!

  6. Nice fridge! JLD reminds me of Kate. I can totally see you on a subway platform, holding a clarinet singing…

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