Posted by: illinigirl | March 8, 2010

Back to square one. . . errr, Couch25K week one

Yes people. . . I started training again tonight.  My next 5k is May 1.  I’m doing the Robert Ullrey’s podcasts again.

I have not ran since. . . I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes ~2 months ago.  Before that, it had been ~six months.  Yes, I said, “SIX”. . .

I so badly wanted a nap. . . but I ran.  Kind of impressed.  I ran OUTSIDE, which rocks.  I was only able to do this because it was not freezing. . . and I got home exceptionally early from a work trip so it was still light out.

Here are the pros about running in WI as opposed to the bayou in TX:

  • It doesn’t smell gross.
  • There are no homeless people sightings.
  • I didn’t have to cross major roadways to get on my route.
  • The houses were all circa 1960 and 1970, and clearly had old people living in them with creative decor to entertain me.
  • No humidity!

Here are the cons about running in WI as opposed to the bayou in TX:

  • I ran in random crappy neighborhood instead of along a bayou.  (I am going to start running in my neighborhood, which has a trail, in the future.)
  • There was a random creepy guy.
  • There were no hot guys.
  • I had to drive to the area where I ran. . . b/c I’m not going to run near my hotel along the highway.

Let’s see how I keep this up. . . It’s going to be really difficult with working soooo much, moving, and living in a disaster area.  It’s just really hard to justify spending the time to run.

P.S.–My mom is running the 5k, too!  She’s never run before, and she’s already on week 5 or 6 of C25k.  How cool is she???


  1. I almost signed up for that 5k! I’m doing it next year for sure. I haven’t run for months either, but I will start after we get settled in the new house. I think I’m just going to try to do it on my own and not using the C25K this time…we’ll see.

    Good luck, and good for your mom!

  2. yay for your mom!
    i just started the c25k again too. i’m just about to start week 3 (again).

  3. Yay for running! Yay for you! Yay for your mom!

    Good luck… maybe I”ll actually see you this year. Then again, it will be a loooonggg time before I cross the finish line 😉

  4. How about Crazy Leg 8K?? I promise you will see some hot guys. Me and my buddy Matt are going :)…

  5. Good luck! I am anxious to read more of your running posts!

  6. Mom is just training so she’ll be in great shape for chasing after two kids this year!

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