Posted by: illinigirl | March 4, 2010

Adventures in randomness

I already tweeted this, but I’m kinda over twitter already.  It just isn’t doing anything for me.  Yeah, I only follow like 7 people. . . but seriously, people don’t tweet that much (except for Rob). . . it’s kinda boring. . . and I don’t really care about celebrities so I don’t really wanna follow them.  Meh.  I’ll stay on because the few celebrities I do like, I will follow.

Life has been very good lately.  Never a dull moment.  I so wish I could blog about my adventures at work.  Holy goodness, you would not believe the stuff I encounter.  Nothing that new as compared to my old experiences. . . just very similar, crazy experiences.

People say “Holy buckets!” in Wisconsin.  I have never heard this before I moved here.  My realtor said it, and my manager says it.

I don’t like animals, but my friend told me about this tonight, and I must admit that it’s pretty cute. . .

They are tearing out an overpass by me.  I wish I could have taken a picture of it tonight, but it wouldn’t have turned out in the dark.  Luckily, the loudest of the work is over. . . but there is still occasionally a crash that makes me jump out of my skin!  Nice little wake-up calls throughout the night.

There is MAJOR construction on the interstate, and it’s major annoying.  When I move, I will be able to take a back road to work and won’t have to deal with it.  *sigh*. . . soon, very soon.

My stomach is growling right now, but a) I don’t know what to eat and b) it’s not a good time to eat.

I love Thursday night happy hours. . . but I HATE missing my shows.  Can’t wait to watch hulu tomorrow night.

Have I mentioned that I love my coworkers?  Just wondering.

The first two weekends I’m in my house, I already have visitors booked.  Get your reservations while I still have vacancy!  🙂

I have not checked my mail in a week.  I hate going to the post office.  I just realized that I will probably have to buy a flipping mailbox for my house.  The drawback to buying a brand new house is that you have to buy EVERYTHING.

Ummm. . . I am 22 levels beyond tired.



  1. holy buckets…that’s a new one to me too. it sounds like you should be saying something like “holy buckets batman”. or maybe i just have too many action figures laying around my house.

  2. Holy buckets that’s an awesome video…

  3. DUDE! I am on Twitter too!!!!!! What is your name?

  4. Um OK I just did a search for your “real name” and there are many of those out there, none you…and I did an Illini Girl search and neither are you. Argh, this is frustrating! lol

  5. One more comment, then I’ll stop 🙂 I just watched the video–OMG so cute! My parents’ dog was like that when I came home from grad school for the first time–I’d been away a few months. Whoa, attachment!

  6. I saw that video on the news when it first came out. I cried when I saw it because it was so cute…but I am also pregnant 🙂

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