Posted by: illinigirl | March 3, 2010

It’s All Happening. . .

Holy COW. . . A lot of work has happened on my house since Sunday!!!

Garage doors! Outdoor lights!

Cabinets! Ceramic tile!

Light fixtures! (This picture sucks, but the chandelier really looks great in real life!)

Aaaah, so much storage in the kitchen. . .

Light above my front door. . . the pictures of lights kinda suck because the lights are too bright. Oh well.

I like my light/fan in the living room a lot. I splurged here.

Doors and trim. . . waiting in the queue!

Really hard to tell this looks good with the angle, lighting, and dirtiness. . . but it does. . . Master bath!

Lights in master bath! Love!

Guest bath. . . Love this combo!

Tile for the little square in front of the front door. LOVE the diamond. . . The diamond matches the tile around the fireplace in the room. The other tile matches the kitchen tile. Very cool.

Tile in front of the fireplace!

Basement floor is poured, but it's difficult to tell. . . but I didn't want to go down there. The steps are not 100% finished, and I didn't feel like wiping out into wet cement tonight!

Okay so seriously.  I was so excited that I can’t even explain.  What a great day.



  1. There are plenty of kitchen drawers for the twins to sleep in!

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