Posted by: illinigirl | February 28, 2010

House Progress as of 2/28. . . Coming closer!

Living Room

Kitchen (The open space on the front left is MORE storage. I am going to be in storage Heaven!)

Master Bedroom

My manager's house is the last roof you can see farthest to the right. . . once the dirt mound is gone, we'll see each other better! Must keep the shenanigans to a minimum!

My basement still looks like a barn. . . weird.

Um, yeah. . . this is after I actually cleaned off my shoe a bit. My stripper galoshes are now my muddy house shoes.

I am going to try to make a major change to something tomorrow. . . but it may be too late!  I’ll keep you posted.  Nothing like being inspired at the last minute!


  1. it’s lookin’ good!

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