Posted by: illinigirl | February 21, 2010


So. . . my Uncle Bob had A-MAZ-ING eyes, and my Aunt Peg also has REALLY pretty eyes. . . and these were also passed down to their children. . . and gradchildren.

See Exhibit A:

Seriously. . . Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life???

This is my cousin Evan. . . my cousin Mindy and her husband Eric’s baby.  Their little girl Morgan, also has these gorgeous eyes.

Exhibit B:

Seriously, why did we not get this gene???  I’m not bitter. No, absolutely not!  😉

Dad’s eyes are green. . . and Mom has beautiful brown eyes.  I have. . . mutt eyes?  Greenish/Bluish.  The thing is. . . my eyes are so incredibly SWINTY, that you’d never know I had this gorgeous eye color even if I had it. . . so I suppose God knew what he was doing.  😉


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