Posted by: illinigirl | February 18, 2010

More randomness. . . only a list of 10 this time!

Okay, I don’t know what to blog about, but I have some random things to discuss.

1.  When they moved my couch in my Texas house to pack it away, a flurry of the little almond hersheys kisses flags flew around.  I know you’re thinking. . . “Gross illini_girl!  Don’t you ever clean???”  Um, the sad thing is, I clean very regularly, but I had so much in chocolate in the last few months of my stay in Texas, that this was an inevitable problem!  I just started cracking up as soon as I saw it.  Can we say, STRESS?

2.  After eating out for 95% of my meals the past month and 1/2, I thought for sure my pants would no longer fit.  They still fit!  In fact, they feel *looser*.  Strange.  I have pretty much stayed the same size throughout my work career. . . except when I moved to STL.  This arse growth was inevitable for three reasons:  1) My office was close to bars. . . where we ate lunch often.  2) The seasoned curly fries in the cafeteria were amazing.  3) I drank a lot o’ beer. . . constant happy hours (with more bar food)!

3.  I feel that waffle fries and curly fries are far superior to regular fries.  Why is that???

4. #3 made me miss Chik-fil-a.  Just looked it up, and the closest one is 116 miles away.  DANG.

5.  I was going to watch the men’s figure skating stuff tonight. . . but basically just for the outfits.  They are way entertaining. . . but people kept falling, and it was STRESSING ME OUT.  I had to change the channel.

6.  I thought the dark-haired American guy was pretty cute. . . but let’s be serious.  A guy wearing feathers likely does not like girls.  Dreams = crushed.

7.  My skin is so white that it’s blinded numerous people.  I think it’s now a see-through color?  I have wipes to rectify this problem, I’ve just been too lazy.

8.  Remember SLUSHPUPPIES???  They had them at the Country Market convenience store (probably seven or so blocks from my house growing up).  A-MA-ZING.  I rode my bike there ALL the time during the summers.  Cherry was phenomenal.  I tried one other flavor. . . once. . . but cherry wins so I never switched again.  They eventually got a machine at the Tolono IGA. . . and Kim broke it when Kristin was working the cash register (Kim, wasn’t it you that broke it?  It wasn’t Kristin, was it???).  It was soooo funny because slushie water and ice was SHOOTING out because we broke off the handle.  We fixed it, but it was very stressful for Kris. . . and we couldn’t stop laughing.  Okay, so anyway. . . I was in a bar a few weeks ago and they were advertising a nearby diner with SLUSHPUPPIES in the bar.  I am going this weekend.  I am not sure why it took me so long.

9.  I am picking out appliances this weekend. . . but really, I can’t completely pick them out because I need the cabinets to be there to conduct measurements.  Cabinets should be in by March 3rd.

10.  I haven’t had to scrape my windows ONE day this week.  🙂  Not having a garage in the Winter pretty much blows.  Other than that, really. . . Winter hasn’t been so rough.  It’s in the mid-30s now, which I feel is quite warm.

Okay, time for BED!


  1. No, no, Evan Lysacek is straight!

    • Woo hoo! Then there’s still a chance??? 🙂 He really needs to rethink the feathers!

  2. Haha to the Hershey’s flags! When we moved, you should have seen the craziness that was under things…my mom was there, and she was embarrassed FOR me! She was like, “didn’t I TEACH you how to CLEAN?????” I said, “I know how to clean…I was, uh, busy?” lol

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I broke the machine, if it wasn’t me, then I’m sure it was my fault. Slushie was going everywhere and Kris thought she was fired. Thank GOD Jim S. was there to clean it up!!!

  4. waffle/curly fries are better. i don’t know why but it is what it is.

  5. Oh he’s DEFINITELY straight!,221306

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