Posted by: illinigirl | February 15, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

I went to a baby shower for my friends Maia and Kevin last weekend.  They are having a baby girl!  I worked with them in NH (along with my friend Devon). . . and all three of them now live in WI a couple of hours away.  M&K were trendsetters, and now we are all following their lead and coming to WI!  🙂

I’ve heard about this game hundreds of times, and been to a million baby showers, but this was the first time I actually played the game. . . where you guess what candy bar is melted in the diaper.

Now, I have to tell you that I LOVE chocolate, but this game almost made me gag.  I think it’s because I stuck my head in the diaper to smell, and it just sparked a gag reflex to stink my face is something that looked like poop.  I decided to stop playing at that point.

I would have lost because. . . I don’t know what a Baby Ruth is.  Isn’t that PATHETIC and SAD?  I think I should have one next weekend.  Chunk would be so disappointed!

Also, I was thinking Nestle Crunch instead of Krackle. . . I knew it wasn’t Crunch, but I couldn’t place the name!

Okay, what the heck. . . watch another “Goonies” video.  My favorite part is at ~1:28 when they are trying to get into the building. . . 🙂



  1. OMG that is so nasty!!!!! (the diaper thing)


  2. Oh Hannah, that does look gross! I have played the diaper game but it never looked like that… I would have gagged too!
    On a side note, congrats to Kevin and Maia. When is the due date? I can’t remember. Do you have contact information you can mail me, I would like to send them a card. I bet they are so excited.
    When is the official day to move in your house… I can’t wait to see the final product. Have a good weekend.

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