Posted by: illinigirl | February 10, 2010

Wait a minute. . .

I read something my sister posted on facebook after a “dingbat” moment with Dad. . .

Here was her status:

Sarah woke up this morning for the paper route at 5am and couldn’t find out on any radio station any news on Groundhog Day. Finally said something to Dad about it and he said, “Usually they need to sun to come up before they can see a shadow.”

This reminds me of a funny moment I had with Dad. . . When I worked at Dad’s office, he, Julie, and I were sitting in the office on a rare, non-busy few minutes of an afternoon.  Dad was reading a calendar with trivia questions.  He would ask questions, and we would try to answer.

He asked what doctor did the first heart transplant (I still can’t remember this, but I know one of the first ones was in Houston!). . . So yeah, I didn’t know the answer and Dad said he had a follow-up question.

Dad asked, “Who was the first patient receiving the transplant?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

Dad said, “Jerry Transplant.”

I said, “Oh.”

Five seconds later, Dad was CRACKING UP.  Yeah, I wasn’t very quick on that one. . . I didn’t realize how stupid it sounded until after Dad was laughing.

I still think of “Jerry Transplant” and smile.  🙂


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