Posted by: illinigirl | February 9, 2010

Interview with myself: Winter Edition

So it’s snowing again?


What inspired you to do this post?

Well, my friend Tracy lives in DC and has had several snow days. . . and it made me jealous.  Remember how AMAZING snow days were???

No.  I’m asking the questions here. . . remember?  How amazing were the snow days?

They were a-maz-ing.  My favorite was when you would find out the night before so you could stay up really late! . . . but the day of, when your dad would come in and say, “There’s a snow day.  You can go back to sleep.” was also pretty outstanding.  Our driveway would be plowed so there would be snow piled up on the sides of our driveway.  My sister and I would always play in this little patch of the yard near the driveway. . . and we always made attempted to make igloos.  We pretty much always failed.

What was the problem?

Well, we weren’t exactly architects.  We didn’t do the whole forming blocks thing. . . we would just make a big pile, pack it, and then dig out the inside.  It was somewhat effective, but *never* big enough.

Me and Sar making our igloo (yes my hood is really tight). . . 🙂

What else did you do?

We always took dum-dum suckers (obtained at the bank) and would stick them in the snow while eating them.  It made the ice flavory, I guess?

Sounds exciting.

It was.  You just had to *be there*.  We would never stay outside *too* long. . . as soon as snow got inside the boots/gloves, I got over it.  We had to have cocoa afterwards.  It was a rule.

What about SLEDDING?  You didn’t sled???

Oh yeah!  We sledded!  Our neighbors had a hill that went into our yard.  It was a small hill, but it was fun times, let me tell ya.

When was your favorite snow day?

The funny thing is. . . my favorite snow days were my sophomore year in college.  It was Christmas break, and I was still in the dorms so I came home.  The storms were some of the worst I remember so we were stuck home numerous days.  That got old. . . but I started chatting online that year and met one of my best friends. . . so yeah, it’s funny how those things work out!  BUT ANYWAYS, back to snow!  One night, Kim dug her car out (literally), and came over. . . We took our sleds to Dad’s parking lot. . . where the snow mounds were GINORMOUS.  We had a blast.  I laughed so hard that it heard.  (I am so mad because I have some great pictures of that night; however, they are sitting in a box in storage.)

Did it ever snow really badly in college, and did they cancel your classes?

YES. . . and HECK NO.  They canceled classes a few times last year or the year before, but no such luck when I was in school.  I remember walking in a white-out to calculus.  I literally had no clue where I was going.  I was just trying to look for people here and there so I knew I wouldn’t run into anything.  So strange.  I took the bus home with a classmate. . . which was an adventure all in it’s own because it was crowded and crazy. . . and I think walking home would have still taken less time and been less scary then the giant accordion bus in the snow!

How do you feel about snow now?

I really don’t mind it. . . if I wouldn’t have to DRIVE in it.  The problem is:  I do have to drive in it.  I suck at driving regularly.  Adding snow to the equation is not helpful!

Mom and I with our snow family. 🙂

P.S.–I love the song “Snow Day” by Lisa Loeb.  This video gets all squirrely towards the end, but you get the point.

Um, what does that have to do with this topic at all?

Nothing at all.  Just wanted to point out that I love that song, and it’s amazing.



  1. Two things

    1) I would be SO MAD if my dad woke me up just to tell me I could go back to sleep. You’re obviously better at going back to sleep than I am.

    2) We used to make forts with the snow on the side of the driveway. And if we were super extra good, my mom would put food coloring in spray bottles and we could “graffiti” it. Although I’m sure we didn’t call it that…

  2. I remember sledding in the parking lot, but barely. This also made me think of the time that we tried to drive through the snow at the high school in Kris’ Explorer and we got stuck. That whole night was strange, how did Gabe get with us and who else was there???

  3. Too funny that you reference my SNOW DAYS! Just so you know it was my first snow day since probably High School or Junior High. I can’t complain 4 paid days off without having to work was AWESOME!!!

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