Posted by: illinigirl | February 2, 2010


I think the only celebrity that people used to say I looked like was Jennifer Aniston.  Didn’t she have a nose-job because I’m pretty sure this only happened PRE-nose job?  No shock there.

I just did the thing to see my lookalikes.  I wanted to post it here, but it’s dumb and not working.

Holy crap.  NONE of the people look like me that they posted.  Seriously, I can’t see some of the features at all.

First consider that one of the celebrity lookalikes was. . . LANCE BASS???  Seriously?  If anyone thinks I look like Lance Bass, well. . . yeah, I don’t.

What about JOEY FATONE?  WHAT???

Apparently, I look like a boy band.

As for girls. . .

Cynthia Nixon.  Nope, not really.

Sheryl Crow. I don’t think so.

A couple of girls who look Indian or Latin.  Definitely no resemblance.

Some old lady I don’t know.  I don’t see it!

There were a few others, but I don’t see any resemblance anywhere.

I guess I just look like. . . um, me.

The friend that cracked me up with this thing the most is my friend Lauren.  She resembles the girl from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. . . not a dead ringer, but she looks somewhat like her.  She changed her facebook picture over to the actresses’ picture, and her dad and cousin, who are on facebook, both told her that she looked different somehow, but she looked great.  Bwahahahaha.


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