Posted by: illinigirl | February 1, 2010

Some musings on WI

People ice fish here and do all sorts of sporty stuff because there’s water all over.  While ice fishing is big here, and I’ve decided that it would be a fun thing to watch and experience. . . I’m slightly terrified of this idea.

People parked and walking around the lake near me

There’s a storyline in “Little Women” where Amy falls into the icy water when Jo and Laurie are flirting, and she’s tagging along.  (Way to go Amy.  Way to ruin EVERYTHING.)  I can’t find the actual movie clip, but here’s the depiction a girl did her her book report, and it cracks me up!  (The girl playing Amy and flailing around deserves an Oscar!)

I’m not sure if that freaks me out. . . or the fact that you have to put your windows down in your car while you drive over the ice *in case* you fall in. . . and I’m told the ice crackles as you drive.  :\  . . . OR could it be that at least once/week on the news, someone dies from falling through ice.

Hmmm. . . maybe I’ll just watch videos of people ice fishing?  It’s a lot warmer, and you are probably a lot less likely to die when watching videos.

Another thing. . . CHEESE  Sure, I’ve probably had WI cheese plenty of times, or maybe not.  I’m really not sure.  Well, I plan on living it up and cheese-tasting while I’m here, as I always hear good things about the cheese here.  They are famous for a reason, apparently!

At happy hour last week, I tried sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, and havarti.

All good!

Um, we'd already snacked a lot by the time we took this picture. 🙂

Things are still good.  I’m just still exhausted.  I’d be concerned. . . but I’ve just had a constant stream of moving stuff and a lot of work (and it’s DRAINING learning new people and things. . . *always* feel behind).  I’m pretty sure this is normal.



  1. if only favre was still in wi, life would be good.
    don’t go on the ice. that freaks me out to no end.

  2. Don’t forget all of the beer that WI has to offer. Visit some of the breweries! BTW – I was born in WI 🙂

  3. You should go ice fishing, it is a blast! We go every year up to Minnesota. There is nothing like driving your truck 6 miles out in to the center of a lake. Once you get out there you quickly realize that there is noting to worry about. I will warn you though, the lake is constantly making more ice. When it expands to do this you will hear the ice cracking under your feet.

  4. I got on here specifically to suggest that you ask your “mystery reader” (aka above commenter) about the joys of ice fishing!!

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