Posted by: illinigirl | January 30, 2010

Piano bar

I love dueling piano bars.  The people are so flipping talented, and it’s just too much fun!  My first experience was at the Big Bang in St. Louis.  Whenever any of us went to STL for work, we always went there after dinner.

I’ve had MANY fun times in piano bars all over. . .

I went a lot in Houston. . . but Kevin took me to one downtown.  I’d never been there, and it was F-U-N, fun.  🙂  When we walked up, there were only ~ten people in there.  Seriously.  We decided to have a beer and decide whether to stay. . . well, the exciting thing was that all ten people who where there were very participative so it was very fun. . . and Kevin and I got much attention.  🙂

Kevin was so kind as to tell the piano guys that I was moving, and they called me onstage.  😉  Surprisingly (and thankfully), this was the only time I’ve ever been called onstage in all my piano bar experience.  When you don’t know anyone in the bar, and you’ve had four or five Budweisers, this really doesn’t bother you though!

I didn’t not bring my camera in, but I should have so I could have captured some of the songs!  Oh well, I probably would have been too busy taping at times and not singing and enjoying so it’s probably better.  Kevin did snap this picture on his phone though!

Thanks to Kevin for a fun *official* last night in Houston!


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