Posted by: illinigirl | January 27, 2010

I understand why I wasn’t excited about this trip

I know.  I shouldn’t be blogging, but I broke out the old crappy computer, as I am feeling inspired.  I will be deathly tired tomorrow, but oh well.

So. . . there’s one obvious reason I wasn’t excited about this trip:  Moving blows.  Seriously.  Even when you have movers, there is so much to do, to remember, to organize, etc.  I did NOT get in early enough tonight and should NOT have grabbed dinner and just ate something here because. . . sooooo much to do after having been gone a month.  Oh well.  I’m giving up for the day.  I will have some time tomorrow, I just need to stay out of the way and such.

The other reason I wasn’t excited about this trip dawned on me tonight.  Duh.  It’s leaving a place that I love.  Houston seriously gets a bad rap, which I don’t understand.  It’s an amazing city.  So big, so much to do, such an affordable place to live, etc., etc., etc.  I’m not happy about leaving this place and my friends here.  I’d really prefer it if I could find an amazing job here and have my entire family relocate to ME.  🙂

This is not a new thing though, honestly.  While I knew it was the right thing to do, I was also sad to leave St. Louis and New Hampshire.  The thing is, when I left there, I felt like my time was so short in both places  (particularly in NH, where I hadn’t really been before).  While I did and saw a TON of things, I always wished I had time for more. . .

I don’t feel that way about Houston.  I feel like I really checked every box of things I wanted to do and see in the city and the state.  This is mostly due to my really amazing friends who have invited me on so many adventures.  Really, unless you have moved around a lot, you don’t understand how special it is to have a group of friends from the area that take you in like family and invite you to be a part of their lives. . .despite the strong roots they have and are not wanting for friends.

As I drove through the gorgeous Houston skyline tonight. . . I thought of Stuart, Jen, Matt, Lori, Carrie, Staci, Lance, Carolyn and all my other Texan friends who I may not have mentioned who made my stay so fun. . . and invited me to dinners, parties, to see bands play, to float trips, Greek Fests. . . and even offered me shelter during various hurricanes/tropical storms/threats of storms!

I also really appreciate the transplant friends quite common in my old company in the way we used to move, move, move. . . Katie, who started with me our first stints in Houston. . . and ended up spendng our last stints together in Houston (also from Illinois!), Becca, Kelly, Jamie, Jackie, Jonathan & Gin, Nick, etc., etc., etc. . . I could go on forever!

AND. . . who can forget my Illinois club. . . and the *rogue* club that broke away?  What a GREAT group of people.  Ami and I organized a happy hour for young alums not long after I moved to Houston. . . and little did I know that the group that came would come to be such good friends.  I met good Derek there and James. . . I met Emily there, who later brought me into her book club, which I really enjoyed.  My “Aunt” Jayne from Illinois has also been WONDERFUL, as always.

I have a few more nights here to dance and say goodbye. . . and then the new adventure begins “officially”. . .

Thank y’all for your hospitality and friendship.  I’ll be back to visit and thaw.  😀


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