Posted by: illinigirl | January 23, 2010

Awkwardness at its finest

Okay, first look at this. . . (One of the greatest websites. . . ever.)  Liz M. and I talked on a phone a few weeks ago and looked at hundreds of photos together (a teleconference).  Yeah, I know. . . a little ridiculous, but it was fun.  I think I was laughing so hard at a few points, that I snorted.  Good times.

ANYWAYS. . . I might offend a few of my readers, BUT to each their own.  I must get this off my chest. . .

I have to make an announcement. . .

Pregnancy pictures generally creep me out.

They *can* be done in a classy way, but 99.9% of the time, they still creep me out.  Usually even more so when the dad is kissing the stomach, has his face against the stomach in an awkward way, etc.  I know pregnancy is beautiful and all that jazz. . . but I just don’t need to see these pictures.  They seem to0 personal or something.

They are also often featured in . . and there is a reason.  They are usually AWKWARD. . . even when you’re not trying to be.

I have been known to send some from facebook to my sister and Liz M. because they are just *so awkward* that I have to share.

Now that my sister is pregnant. . . I’m constantly sending her good ideas.  I think unfortunately. . . my BIL will not go for any of those. . . bummer.

Here are some other particularly terrible ones. . .



  1. i vote for them to do the naked woman and man one. b/c you can never see too much of someone (yuck).

  2. the last link made me puke in my mouth!

  3. Glad I read this before I sent out our photo spread; o’ natural… :)…

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