Posted by: illinigirl | January 20, 2010

Interview with Myself: Hotel Livin’ Addition

You’re living in a hotel?

Yep.  For another few months (at least!).

Wow. . . that sounds. . . sucky!

Yep.  “Sucky” sums it up pretty well, but it’s not too bad.  I’m lucky to have a job where they are paying for me to live here for a while.

How does it feel to have no responsibility and have all of this time?

Well, you know. . . I don’t feel like I have little responsibility.  I forgot how much starting a new job completely DRAINS all energy.  Plus, I’m working long hours.  Plus, my room is a trash pit from hell, and laundry is more challenging.

So how do you not have free time?  You were so social in TX.  That’s surely changed with not having many friends?

I arrive at work between 6:45 and 7:00 a.m. (I SWEAR, someday I want a job where I can get in closer to 8:00!!!). . . I work until 6:00 or 6:30 or later. . . I grab dinner somewhere. . . and I get home between 7:00 or 7:30 or later.  I check my email and other *important* websites, take a benadryl, blog, etc. . . and go to bed.  I actually have a few friends here (not many), but I’ve been a little social.  I’m too tired to be social anyways.

Where have you been eating?

My favorite place is this soup place (with all kinds of other stuff). . . AMAZING clam chowder, amazing mac n’ cheese, amazing desserts, amazing entrees.  LOVE IT and go at least several times a week.  I also go to an Italian place near work, BW3, O’Charley’s, etc.

Do the maids clean your room every day?

Yes and no.  I don’t have them change my sheets every day. . . only once/week.  Mainly because I HATE the blanket on the bed, and I HATE even touching it, let along rearranging it.  It’s all static-y and stuff. . . and I hate the “feel” of it.  UGH.  She empties my trash and such, but I leave a note telling her not to make my bed.

So is your room *clean*?

Did you see where it’s a trash pit from hell above?  I have more stuff and clothes than I have storage.

Do they have breakfast and stuff at your hotel?

Yes, but I’d have to get up super early to make anything, and I already get up super early.  No thank you. . . I’ll have a granola bar!  They have an “executive happy hour” every Monday-Thursday night, but I really never get home in time for it.  One night when the roads were bad, and I left work ~5:00, I made it.  I NEEDED a drink that night.  I really liked a few of the guys at the happy hour (don’t get any ideas, they were in their 50s). . . but there was one douchebag guy who inspired me to leave rather than having another drink.  There ALWAYS has to be a douchebag to ruin the fun.

Do you hate your life right now?

No.  I do hate how tired I am all the time, and I hate how disorganized I am. . . but no, I don’t hate my life.

Did you make a house decision?

No. . . but it’s a long story.  I’ll update you when something is happenin’.

You just got up and opened the door. . . What just happened?

I had to act as the cranky old neighbor lady and have words with the girls screaming in the hall.  Listen you little brats.  I know it’s only 10:20, but I’m showing you who’s boss.  Some of us are WORKING. . . so suck it.

Seriously, you are one of THOSE people?

Yes.  This is my HOME for the next few months or longer.  I already had to call the front desk on my stupid neighbor, and I’m not afraid to do it again.  I will say that I think the walls are incredibly thin here.  I travel all the time, and I’ve never heard as much noise as here.  My first weekend here was terrible. . . and YES, I had to hear the people next door doing the hibbity-dibbity.

Okay, thanks.  Gross.  I think it’s time we say goodnight. . .

I agree!  Goodnight!  🙂



  1. So, I think you need one of those suites with a little kitchen, separate bedroom/living room, and more space. Maybe you would hear less noice since there would be more walls between you and the neighbors. Or, try and rent something long-term in the area. I hope you kind find a house of your own soon so you don’t have to hear the strange noises next door. LOL

  2. i love the word douchebag.
    can they move you to a corner room so you get less noise? i know that would require moving all your crap but it might be worth it if you’re going to be there for a few months. the airlines always had it set up w/ the hotels that we stayed in that we had to be in a corner or by the stairs where it was more quiet so we could get our sleep – and in non-smoking. i once had to call on my neighbors in san diego b/c they were smoking pot next door and the smell was coming into my room. nice.

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