Posted by: illinigirl | January 12, 2010

illini_girl’s late night opinion

Because EVERYBODY has been asking for my opinion on this. . . (okay, no one has really asked, but I’m sharing anyways.)

I find Leno both not entertaining and slightly annoying.  Seems like a nice enough guy, but I’ve just never enjoyed his shows.

I have always been a Carson *little* girl and a Letterman girl.  I still really enjoy Letterman, but I really enjoy him most when he interviews authors, news people, politicians, and *smart people*. . . He is quite thoughtful and asks very good questions.

I also have always been a Conan girl.  I love dorks and people who can make fun of themselves.  I think what I enjoy the most about him and his guests. . . is that they have so much flipping fun with him.  If you haven’t noticed, they genuinely have a GREAT time. . . and laugh all the time.  It really makes things fun.

Now. . . for this sad news. . .–911

I am back to Letterman. . . OR maybe it will be motivation to go to bed earlier.

This must have been a deleted scene or something because I don’t remember this “Office” episode, do you?



  1. sad. i’m a conan fan too and hadn’t heard this.

  2. seriously, Jimmy Kimmell is where its at

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