Posted by: illinigirl | January 10, 2010

A few more pictures to put things into perspective

I went back to the house today. . .

This picture kinda sucks and is super-dark because I had the sunset setting on.  Oops.  This is what you see when you walk in.  Access to the kitchen on both sides. . . master bedroom on the left. . . other two bedrooms and bath to the left.

This shows the size of the kitchen.  Seriously?  I might live in here.  I hope that at some point, I make friends because wouldn’t this be an awesome place for entertaining???  SO much better than any of my other houses.

I started freaking out this morning and didn’t sleep well because the whole idea of a 40 min. commute hit me.  Um. . . I’ve never done over a 20 minute commute.  I will also be ~10-15 minutes away from the mall and restaurants and stuff.  This is NOT bad. . . but there’s an area of town where I’d be closer to that and work. . . There’s just nothing there that makes sense for me.  I also started freaking out about resale. . .

After seeing the house again, and talking with another realtor, I think I’m going to go with this one.  He says that resale should be fine because it’s the last development that can go up in town. . . I will just have to gear up for spending more time on the road.  The only thing that stinks about a long commute in jobs like mine is that. . . you have to be to work ~7:00 a.m. . . and you don’t tend to leave early either.  It just makes for LONG days.  That being said. . . my stress and long days are what helps me to afford this house.  :\  Everything is a tradeoff!



  1. I love the house!! You will get used to the commute. If you are too close to work, you will go in on weekends like in Merrimack.

  2. Hannah, the house looks great! You’ll do fine with the commute.

  3. wonderful house!

    don’t forget that 40 min commute in snow = drastically longer.

    but as you know, for the last 7 years i’ve had a commute of at least 45 mins. it’s not so bad. more time to unwind in the car with your tunes! 🙂

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