Posted by: illinigirl | January 2, 2010

Blog Pondering. . .

Yeah, yeah, yeah. . . I’ve been packing and dining. . . but soon enough. . . I’ll be bored to death sitting in my hotel room so more material will be on it’s way soon.

Here is a current blog debate I’m having. . .

In this interim period between jobs, I have no facebook friends from work.  I am considering putting my blog on facebook for the masses.

I only have one reservation. . . what if I wanna talk about stuff that I don’t want everyone to see?

I mean, I don’t really talk about *people*. . . but there are sometimes some situations I want to talk about, but I shy away from because I wouldn’t necessarily want the world to see.  I guess I would just have to have more password protected posts and give the *inner circle* my password so you can read.  🙂

I mean, in all reality, my posts are mostly just dorky so I don’t see any harm. . . but once I get my first work fb friends, it’s coming down. . . because there’s just something about keeping your life and work separate. . . especially when you’re an HR chick, I think.

P.S.–A new header will be coming. . . someday.  I have some ideas, but I need to do a photoshoot in Wisconsin.  We’ll see how that comes along and if I can get strangers to take photos of me.  Hmmmm.



  1. If I was working in a position like yours, I don’t think I’d make it public…if I was still working at all, I’m not sure that I would if I ever blogged about anything at all work-related.

    Just my two cents! 🙂

  2. I’m struggling with the same thing… Not really work-related, but there are some people on fb I don’t necessarily want reading my blog. I know they can get to it if they want, but I don’t want to broadcast it.

    As I see it, my options are:
    A) defriend people on fb
    B) blog less
    C) password-protect my posts

    As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve chosen (b) for the time being. We’ll see what happens.

  3. i have my blog address on fb so i try not to talk about work on my blog. only crazy and naked ladies:)

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