Posted by: illinigirl | December 28, 2009

The great house debate

Well, I’m house-hunting.  Usually, I have my places narrowed down and am making an offer on day #2. . . but this was a bit tougher.

I love two opposite ends of the spectrum.

#1. . . Brand new duplex in near EVERYTHING ~2 min. from the mall and the highway.  Tile floor, hardwoods, nice carpet, 3 full baths, sunroomish dining room, nice kitchen,  big finished basement (seriously, I would not know what to do with this space).  Negative = price.  I can afford it, I’m just in a tricky spot with some other possible expenses lurking in the background.  :\

#2. . . HUGE *OLD* house. . . basement and three stories.  Reminds me of my great-grandparents farm house.  Beautiful original wood, upgraded light fixtures, bathrooms, paint, beautiful front porch with a swing, THREE blocks from downtown restaurants and nightlife, one block from a park, in a really neat neighborhood with very well-kept houses.  Negative = it’s a really flipping old house with *old* windows and kitchen countertops and kitchen floors need attention.  Too many possibilities that things could go wrong.

I am strongly steering towards option #1, but MAN. . . option #2 is such a cool house and so inexpensive.   I could never imagine myself affording in a normal market and with a normal seller (relo company owns it so they want to get rid of it).  If I had a husband and additional income in case of complete distaster, I would *totally* go for option #2.  It actually makes me wish I had a husband (which is not something I wish for every day).  😉

I may have to go to a cheaper option #3, depending on what I decide and what will be the best for resale.  I don’t mind option #3 so much. . . I just hate the cheaper flooring and surfaces they used.  Boo.

We’ll see.

I’m heading back to Texas for a few days.  It will be nice to sleep in my own bed, as short-lived as that will be. . . 😦  Then, it’s hotel livin’ until I find a house!  That will move the process along quickly, let me tell ya. . .



  1. good luck – what a tough decision!

  2. Ohh! Ohh! I like #2… with lots of heated blankets! Good luck!

  3. Hannah–I say that you wait and look at a couple of other options. Neither one of these places seem to be “it” for you. I love old homes too 🙂

  4. While I love to *look* at old houses, I don’t know if I have the stomach to own one, with all the potential stuff that could need updating. That said, house #2 is really cool!!

    Good luck!

  5. Go with your heart on the husband, Grasshopper. Use your logic for the house. #1

  6. Hello Hannah! Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!
    I am a sucker for old houses so number 2 looks awfully nice. It sounds like the price is right…if that is the case, you could always go a bit higher on the mortgage in order to have cash to redo windows and the kitchen.

  7. Full disclosure: I have an old house. And I love it. And I’ve (knock on wood) had VERY FEW expenses with it.

    Having said that, though… less expensive now doesn’t mean less expensive in the long run.

    Sounds like #2 will be around for a while. Keep looking… if it’s the only one you LOVE, go for it. If not, go with something else.

    Oh, and you can *always* find ways to fill up space 🙂

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