Posted by: illinigirl | December 25, 2009

The Eight Bars of Christmas

So every year for the past three years, I participated in the 12 Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl.  All of my faithful readers have seen the past entries.

This year, I didn’t start until bar five (hence my titling this the “eight bars”).  I really didn’t feel like going out and was stressed about all I had to do. . . so I considered not going at all.  Little did I know that this would be my most intoxicated year.  Nice.  I am only posting a few pre-approved photos, as some of my friends and co-workers were also overserved and might not appreciate the pictures posted (although really, none are embarrassing. . . just fun).  🙂

(Ummmm. . . no idea why these pictures are so small. . . I’m at home on my parents computer, but I’m still not sure why this is happening.  Oh well!)

Bar six. . . we failed to get a picture at bar five!

Me, Maria, and Jenna

Bar seven. . .

Guy from England in Mexican attire

Also at bar seven with my friend Nick. Already squinty?

Bar eight. . .

Maria and I with a friend from Scotland

Bar nine. . .

Me and Maria with the tree at the bar

Bar ten. . .

Me with an unknown guy who kept blowing his horn in my ear

Bar eleven. . . (I am not sure where this was taken, but I’m going to call it “bar eleven”)

Maria and I with yet another guy from England

Bar twelve. . . (several photos will be left out here)  🙂

Free shots. Likely wimpy, but still a bad idea. 🙂

Fun times for one of my last weekends in town!  🙂


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