Posted by: illinigirl | December 21, 2009

Christmas Card Awards!

This is my first annual Christmas card awards. . .

It’s really not fair because it’s still early, but I’m heading home for Christmas so this will have to do. . . and let me just say that I love ALL the cards I get, but these awards are for creativity. . . so there you have it.  🙂

1.  Aunt Peg–She uses lots of pictures AND does a poem.  Always nice work, and she gets the #1 spot because of the poem because that’s just going above and beyond.

2. Nicole–SO COOL.  A GREAT family photo of she, Matt, and the three boys in black and white. . . and her scarf was the only color with a pop of RED ORANGE.  Really amazing work!

3.  Mom/Sarah (TIE)–Mom and Sarah use stampin’ up stuff and make theirs. . . they are always very creatively done, and they take A LOT of work.  Given our Christmas list of our family ALONE, this is impressive that they dedicate so much time.  No, I will not pick a favorite.  🙂

Honorable mention for a non-homemade (yet really cool) card:

Kelly H.–The card has a design on the front that is actually a wildflower seed mix that you can plant!

Honorable mention for favorites due to the words inside the cards:

*Marty W.–She is my college study-buddy friend Luke’s mom (Luke is mentioned here).  I only talk to her through Christmas cards, so it’s so special to receive hers.  This year, she needs our prayers so please add her to your list.  She is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, as she makes everyone feel so special!  There are just some people that have that gift!

*Mrs. P.–My 3rd grade teacher.  We also only correspond via Christmas cards so it means a lot to hear from her and to know that we are still in touch after all this time!  She moved away when I was in 4th grade, yet we are still in touch!

My newsletter is my favorite edition yet. . . but it’s SO LATE because my life has been insane.  Stay tuned.  You might get it after Christmas this year!  😦



  1. YAY for making your awards list! I was really happy with our card, too. I’ll post it on Christmas Eve.

    We got your letter today and LOVED it as always.

  2. i like that idea of wildflower seed mix. i wonder how they get it to stay on and not make a huge mess?

  3. First I would like to thank god and Kim, my stampin’ up sales rep. I would like to thank Jamie for helping me cut out 65 sets of snowballs on a Sunday afternoon. Lastly I would like to thank Tully for helping seal all of the envelopes!

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