Posted by: illinigirl | December 15, 2009

The road to Heaven

Well, one of my inspirations for a blog entry about Heaven is on the road to Heaven.  Well, you could say he’s always been on the road to Heaven, but he’s closer now.

Fr. Robbins. . . he inspired parts of the following blog entries. . . (and other entries I can’t find). . .

I have missed church lately due to Thanksgiving and then having a nasty cold the following Sunday. . . and then this week at church, they prayed for the ill, including Fr. Robbins.  I was so sad to hear that.  I asked the girl sitting in front of me at church, as she seemed to know what was going on, and I see her there every week.  Yep, the cancer is back.  😦

The funny thing is. . . I was getting ready to write him an email, as I wanted to tell him what an impact he had on my life in light of my move. . . and great, now he’s sick and not doing well.  I called the church today, and they said he can no longer get emails but that they are delivering cards to him.

I almost started crying in the middle of the hallway at work to hear this.  He has such a profound impact on the congregation.  His wisdom and humor resounds with EVERYONE.

Click on the link below if you’d like to see a video of him. . .

I love how he refers to going to Heaven as the ultimate “trip.”

I just wrote his card and boo-hooed the whole time.  I posted an entry above about Heaven.  I told him I hope he finds a good seat at the banquet next to people he likes!  🙂

Please keep him in your prayers!  What an amazing sacrifice those in the religious life make. . . I just hope he feels the reward of the tremendous impact he had on lives. . . including mine.


  1. that’s so sad but it sounds like he has a great attitude.

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