Posted by: illinigirl | December 7, 2009

Interview with myself–Cold Edition

Cold?  Is it really that cold in Houston?

No!  Not like “Brrrr. . . cold”. . . like “Achoo!. . . cold”.

Ooooooh, I get it.  So you have a cold?

Yep, started Saturday morning out of nowhere!

How many times did you sneeze yesterday?

I am sure it was over 100 times. . . when I thought about counting, it was too late!

Why aren’t you using Zicam?  That stuff rocks!

Yeah, I know. . . but I used the nasal gels, which no longer works. . . and anything you put in your mouth tastes. . . REALLY FREAKIN NASTY.  This has prompted me to look online and see what products they do still have on the market though. . . check it. . . . . . Hmmm. . . yeah, you have to taste all that stuff.  No go.

Why don’t you do a blog entry where you taste test these products?

BRILLIANT!  I just might!  I wonder if any of them taste like candy. . . hmmm. . . not bloody likely.

What is your drug o’ choice tonight?

Back to benadryl. . . Nyquil was not my friend last night/this morning.  😐

Your blog has still been quite boring, FYI.

THANKS AGAIN.  Well, again. . . I have a lot going on I can’t talk about. . . so there. . . and just for that, I’m not telling YOU.

Okay, seriously, you’re sick and exhausted!  Go to bed!!!

Yes, you’re right. . . on my way.  :\



  1. wait, they aren’t selling the gel swabs anymore or they just aren’t working for you? i love those because they’re so not gross!

    feel better!

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