Posted by: illinigirl | December 3, 2009

The Amish

We went to Amishland a lot growing up (for those who don’t know, there is an Amish community not too far from home).  We had some furniture made there, kitchen cabinets, and went there a lot to shop.  I remember Kim and I went once when we were pretty young. . . probably first grade, and we counted all the buggies.

I just think these people are so fascinating. . . their culture, their religion, everything.  It’s just so unusual to see such a vastly different culture so close to home.

My family would always watch any movies about Amish people (“Witness” being a favorite). . . and I’ve read a few articles and novels about them.

Well, Mom and I went to our Amish community on Saturday.  LOVED IT.  It turns out, I still love trying to find horses and buggies.  I felt bad taking pictures though, as they do not like having their photos taken (their church forbids them from posing).  I took one where you couldn’t see the people though. . .

I bought a book about the community when I was home. . . I left it at home for my parents to read, and I will read it at Christmas.  I am already learning in the few pages I’ve read though.  You know, I thought that with technology and all the societal influences (and given that the children are given a chance to “choose” once they are adults), that maybe the population would have declined. . . but it’s flourishing.  That was really nice to learn.

While I am a slave to my technology, I could probably learn much from these people. . . like how much I really don’t NEED. . . and that sometimes, it’s okay to be cut off from the world.

Maybe I will try to start to try to have some technology-free nights?  It won’t happen anytime soon with all that is going on with me, but I will think about it. . . and ironically, probably blog about it if I do it!




  1. I love taking the kids to Arthur/Arcola….my parents have started buying their meat and vegetables from the Amish farms and I love going to the little grocery stores there. Definitely a favorite of our family as well! ; )

    P.S. You should talk to my dad about the investigation he was in on when there was an unlicensed “chiropractor” going through that area. He learned a lot about the Amish! ha! ; )

  2. there was this shortcut that we could take to get from kc to kirksville (where eric went to college) that ran through amish country. they were so nice and would always wave to everyone.

  3. I bet blogging on a scroll sucks!

  4. Have I ever told you about the day I was invited to attend an Amish school in Arthur? Honestly it was probably one of the top 10 things I have done in my life…so much fun. If I haven’t…I’ll fill you in sometime soon.

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