Posted by: illinigirl | November 18, 2009


Ok, so I do a Christmas newsletter every year. Over the past few years, it’s gone much lower on text and much bigger on pics. I’ve already flagged 40 possible pics for this year. I can definitely cut back. . .BUT I’m tempted to do a front and back side. Is that dumb? I mean, I’m not a family for God’s sake. . . I just have many adventures! For those that read here religiously or are on facebook (probably ~1/2 of the 90 I send out), it will be a lot you’ve seen and read about. . .but for the other 1/2 would probably enjoy it.

I will likely have more dialogue this year, too.

This weekend is do or die time!



  1. i love the newsletter! make it as long as it needs to be!

  2. do 2 sides, especially if you have a lot of pics.

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