Posted by: illinigirl | November 17, 2009

30??? Seriously?!?!?

Something that made me feel old this morning. . .

One of the morning shows had people call in and talk about pacts they made as teenagers.

One girl called and said that she and her best friend Timmy (or whatever the heck his name is) would get married if they weren’t married by the time they were 30.

WHAT?  Since when is 30 the drop dead date!?!?  I guess 30 might seem old to a high schooler. . . but seriously?  When I was in high school and thought about my pact date (not that I really had one, but I joked around about it with people). . . I always said 60 or 80 or something!  🙂

I’m glad I didn’t make a pact for 30 . . . but the downside is that it appears that I’m decrepit.

Oh well.  😉

In other news. . . apparently the U.S. is done with me on the dating scene, and would like me to try Canada on for size. . . mmmm-kay.   Funniest spam I’ve received. . . ever.



  1. 1. 30 is not old. i promise
    2. i had a pact w/ my friend wes. we said we’d get married when we were 26. he was eric’s best man at our wedding and he talked about our pact during his speech (which ended in “all i have to say is, damn, you cut it close”).
    3. that email is hilarious.

    • Yeah, it’s funny because I don’t feel that 30 is old. . . but then I was like. . . wait, that’s a PACT AGE? BUT. . . I guess your pact age was 26 so . . . there you go! 🙂 That’s too funny about the speech!

  2. Loved the email. Blame Canada. I dont know if it means the US is done with you as much as maybe it means Canada is tryin to get at you.

    Canada: “Hey baby, whats your name? Come here often?

    You: *giggle*


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