Posted by: illinigirl | November 14, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

Texas has some pretty amazing sunrises and sunsets. . . unfortunately, I’m usually in my car when I see them. . . and well, you all know how those pictures turn out!

Lately, the sky has looked uber-incredible. . . unfortunally, I either miss the sunsets because I work too late. . . or I can’t take pictures because it’s been taking me FOREVER to get home because of road construction (and the sky is dark by the time I get home).  The coolest shot would be from work. . . but I can’t line things up properly without obstructions.  I will keep trying.  From the front of my building, you can see the skyline against the orange/pink/purple sky. . . sooooooo beautiful.

Tonight, I was shopping a block from my house. . . and I thought the palm trees looked awesome against the unreal, colorful sky.  Unfortunately, the quality is not that great because I had to zoom big-time to get the stores and such out of the way. . .

Looks like a fake sky that you would see in cheesy postcards . . . but it’s real!


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