Posted by: illinigirl | November 10, 2009


I took this picture last night on my way home.  I can see why people imagine Heaven this way. . . so peaceful. . .

On All Saints Day, my priest talked a lot about Heaven.  He talked about an analogy one writer used describing Heaven or Hell as one giant banquet. . . depending on who you were sitting by, it could be your Heaven. . . or your Hell!  The concept was that you should make peace with everyone in this life because you may be sitting next to them for eternity in the banquet.

He said that we may not picture our deceased relatives as saints because we know all their flaws. . . we probably can’t picture them in Hell (although he said we might have told them to go there now and then!). . .

I am certain my relatives are at the fun table.  I’m picturing all of my awesome people around the table. . . It’s a nice thought.  I hope I can join them someday!




  1. i love flying – especially when it’s a crappy day out. you take off and then as soon as you’re above the clouds, it’s just pure blue sky. that was my favorite part when i was a f.a.
    i can see why people picture heaven that way too.

  2. I always have profound thoughts when I’m flying. I think it has something to do with the perspective you get (see all those tiny houses– PEOPLE live there… who have lives just like mine. Yet it seems so small)

    I don’t really like banquets–much too stuffy. I think my heaven is more like a neighborhood bar–with ALL my favorite people there. Kinda like Cheers. I call dibs on being Cliff Clavin 🙂

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