Posted by: illinigirl | November 9, 2009

Jason’s wedding–the reception

Oh, if you thought the dorky pictures were over. . . oh, HECK NO.

You may notice that I don’t have any pictures of the bride and groom. . . you may actually notice this at nearly EVERY wedding I go to.  I usually have to borrow pics of the bride and groom from someone from facebook for my blog because I like to stay out of the way.  I don’t like flashing my camera in churches.  I don’t wanna flash and somehow mess up THE PERFECT SHOT of the photographer.  I don’t know. . . I’m weird like that.

So just imagine them. . . they look great!

So instead of getting great pictures of the wedding group, we got dorky pics of illini_girl and sis.

This cake topper was the hit of the wedding (other than the bride and groom). . . I think everyone took a pic of this.  Super cute.  🙂  (J is a baseball player.)

cutest cake topper ever

The hotel was the new “Chancellor”. . . I am an idiot and thought they tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it exactly the same. . . but it’s just refurbished in the convention area though. . . aaaaah, it took me back to the days of the good ol’ KDASC Conventions!  🙂

Next are pictures are of Sar and I cleansing our palettes with sorbet.  I was amazed that Sarah loved it so much that she cleansed her palette TWICE.  🙂  (Our table rocked and shared food and drinks.)

Stupid weird hair part!

So. . . the hotel convention center has all the conference rooms named after the Big Ten mascots. . . this was too good of an opportunity to miss for picture taking.  I only picked the teams I disliked the most (or had the most co-workers to send the pictures to). . . Clearly not entirely SOBER.  I look like hell. . . 🙂

Suck it, Buckeyes!

I look scary. . . like a wolverine!

Hello to all my friends at Purdue! Love ya! 😉

Awww. . . this is more like it. Little Chief. 🙂

And this one. . . I approve of.

Sister approves, too. 🙂 Blurry b/c I took the picture too fast! 😦

When you drink a lot of Budweiser + champagne, this is where you spend a lot of time! Luckily, Sarah liked our table, too b/c I was MIA half the night! 😀

My favorite picture! Posing by the sign when we were taking the picture. . . and she was so apologetic about ruining our shot! Um, lady. . . clearly not an important picture!!!

Shew. . . this one is good!

Yes, yes. . . DORKS!

My only regret is not getting to talk to the groom and bride more. . . but that is the breaks of taking your tired sister as your date.  🙂

CONGRATS!!!  What a great feeling it is when your good friends find people they love to spend the rest of their lives with!



  1. i’m liking your darker hair!

  2. i want to be your date to a wedding sometime!

    loving the big ten pictures!

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