Posted by: illinigirl | November 8, 2009

Jason’s wedding weekend–pre-wedding

This has actually been a somewhat slow wedding year. . . I think I’ve only been invited to four. . . and have only been able to go to two.  I love a good wedding and always enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new people, but it is nice to slow down a bit. . . as I’ve done so much other travel this year.  I cannot go to eight weddings/year  every year without killing my finances and vacation!

I only have one next year in Colorado in January (yay Jamie!), but I know there will be more!  It’s difficult (if not impossible) to go a year without someone in my family getting married. . .

The trip home started with my parents picking me up and taking me to The Beef House.  I had ROCKIN’ scallops there.  Seriously, I was impressed.  I NEVER eat scallops anymore because I was so spoiled in New England.

This is sadly the only roll I ate there. . . but it was a dream come true. . . 🙂

We were all zonked on Friday so we headed home and went to bed. . . what a long week/day!

My mom, sis, and I went shopping on Saturday.  Fun times.  While I love shopping in any form, it’s always more fun to go with Mom and Sarah.  We manage to make it to the mall every time I go home.  🙂  Luckily, I don’t get home very often or we’d all be broke.  😉

Okay, so I told you all about how I didn’t know what to wear to the wedding. . . well, I started playing dress-up on Wednesday.  As it turns out, I had four lovely dresses that I realized I hadn’t even worn before.  The thing is. . . I looked so WHITE in all of them so I didn’t want to wear them out of the house.  I settled on two to take home and wanted to try them on Saturday morning so my sister and Mom could let me know if I looked hideous and should buy a new one.

Sarah did not like dress #1. . . so I tried on dress #2, which they liked better.  We picked out jewelry, and all was right with the world.

We arrived home from shopping and had approximately 20 minutes to get ready before the wedding.  I ran and threw on the dress, and got in my heels.  This made Sar realize how short the dress is.  Literally, walking downstairs to leave. . . she was saying, “Whoa!  You can’t wear that slutty dress to a wedding!!!”  Um, hello!  I tried it on for her before. . . but she said the heels made her realize how short it was.  Crap!  I am so not a slut so this is not a befitting look for me.  I seriously bought the dress to wear to CHURCH.  Good thing Sarah made me realize I looked like a hooker before I made that mistake in H-town at church.  EEK.

Mom has been complaining that she doesn’t have a picture of me on her desk, and wants one. . . but I don’t want a picture by myself. . . so I posed with Sarah.  Most of our pictures were hideous, but t his may be a winner:

Yes, I have a stupid double-chin, per usual.

Sarah was kind enough to come with me to the wedding. . . as I didn’t really know anyone there. . . and any of my friends who know Jason are not in town (or are flakey). . . and I couldn’t think of any single guys in town to ask (or that I would WANT to ask!).

We came to Mom and Dad’s between the wedding and reception. . . played a little Wii bowling and took some dumb pictures. . . Mom, you want pictures. . . you GOT ‘EM!  🙂

I actually kinda like this one. . .


This would be good if my hair wasn't parting weird Sat. night. . . Hmmm.

There are even MORE, but I will spare you. . .

Then we started being goofy and thought of some other poses that Mom might enjoy in her house (neither of us had ANYTHING to drink at this point, either). . .

Mom, there's a cat on your kitchen counter!!!

and someone is in your plant?

and someone is wearing a piece of your Fall centerpiece as a fashion accessory?

She's so outdoorsy. . . couldn't keep her out of the plants!

Normal picture. . . but I can't decide if I like it. . . anyways. . . show's my hairdo (although not looking the best).

Okay, I have a ton more dumb pictures from the reception, so I’m breaking this bad boy up into two posts. . .



  1. you guys are too funny!

    i just wanted to say i am loving the hair of both cain sisters! love sarah’s cut! and yours! good work ladies!

  2. You girls are gorgeous!

  3. Man I hope that the modeling agencies don’t start calling me again…that gets sooooo old!

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