Posted by: illinigirl | November 3, 2009

Interview with Myself–Frustration Edition

That’s a pretty crappy title, illini_girl?  Why the heck would anyone want to read this entry?

Because I am mysterious and intriguing. . . and who wouldn’t want to know why I’m frustrated?

Um, I’m asking the questions here.  Just stick to the answers, okay?

Wow. . . cranky pants.

Shut it.  Do you still have a hole in your wall?

YES.  This is partially because of how much I’ve been out of town.  This week FINALLY worked.  .  . and the guy coming over had a family emergency and had to cancel.  Oh well.  The owner of the company came and got my keys so they can just come and go as they please so I won’t have to let them in and out.

How do you feel about traffic?

Ugh, I HATE it!!!  Let me just tell you that in the almost three years I’ve lived here this time around, it is RARE that I encounter traffic going to or leaving work.  This is rare in Houston, but I just live in a good place where this is not an issue. . . . HOWEVER. . . they are doing construction on another main freeway. . . and I think it’s going to be a YEAR or more. . . and all the traffic has come to MY interstate. . . boo!!!  Luckily, I don’t have to suffer too long, as I have a way to sneak out of *part* of the traffic. . . but I am not pleased that my 15-20 minute ride home is taking 35-40 minutes.  One of my friends started doing books on tape and said that makes him more zen in traffic.

Would you try a book on tape?

I am thinking about it.  Have any of you ever listened to those?  It just seems weird to me. . .

Okay, we are FINISHED with your Debbie Downer attitude.  Enough of this frustration crap.  Cari asked about book recommendations the other day. . . what do you recommend?

I liked both of my last two book club books. .  “The God of Small Things” (difficult to read and stomach, but good). . . and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (good, but flipping sad). . . I spent half the night talking about books at the Halloween party on Saturday.  One of the guys I was talking to loved, loved, loved both of Michael J. Fox’s books (and recommended to read them sequentially). . . I think I might try this after I’m finished with “Breaking Dawn”.  We have a holiday hiatus for book club so it’s the perfect opportunity to read other things.  The only other problem is that I have ~3 books on my bookshelf to read already.

Tell me something GOOD that has happened so far this week, please?

My high school German teacher (affectionately known as “Frau”) found me on facebook this week.  How fun!  I miss Frau!  She was such a good teacher and had such great rapport with us. . .

What the heck are you going to wear to your wedding in IL this weekend?

No.  Friggin’.  Clue.  It’s actually going to be WARM in IL this weekend, which is supa-exciting. . . Thank you, Lord.  I have several options to wear, but nothing is screaming at me.  I got a friends and family discount passed on from a friend for The Limited, so I’m going to shop there while I’m home as well.  (If anyone would like me to forward the coupon to you, let me know!  I think it’s 30% off.)

Okay, must read about Bella for a minute and go to bed.  🙂



  1. I love books on tape and have many. Next time I am in town I will bring my hard drive.

  2. i’m still reading a time traveler’s wife. it’s good but i’m having a hard time just finding time to read (and i love to read).

  3. well, you are mysterious and intriguing, that’s for sure.

    i love your interviews! 🙂


  4. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Our book club tends to read a bunch of “heavy” books, too… sometimes I need a break.

    As for the wedding, I feel your pain. I literally spent 3 days trying to find something to wear this weekend. Everything is either strapless/sleeveless and I am RIDICULOUSLY pale. I ended up going w/a dress, shrug (that can be removed for *dancing*), no tights, and *maybe* peep-toe shoes.

    Still deciding on the shoes, tho.

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