Posted by: illinigirl | November 1, 2009

What does your Edward look like?

When I was in 3rd, my teacher Mrs. Prater introduced an interesting concept to us. . . at Christmas, she taught us the song “Some Children See Him”. . . See the lyrics here because I don’t know how copyrights work with this stuff.

The concept of course is that we all have a picture in our mind of what Jesus looks like. . . but it’s not the same to everyone.

I also thought about this at Christmas time a few years ago when my manager at the time, who is black, said that Santa is black at their house.  I guess in my lily white world, I didn’t think about this stuff much. . . but I’m not going to be too hard on myself about living inside a box. . . because we ALL really picture people we can’t see in different ways.

At dinner last week, we were talking about Twilight.  I do not want to see the movie. . . definitely not before I finish the last book and probably never.  Why?  Because I like the images of the characters in my head, and I don’t want them to become the movie version. . . and R. Pattinson does not at all match up in my mind with what *my* Edward is like.  When we were discussing this at dinner, my friend Sue was feeling the same way.  Sue is Indian, and one of my other friends said. . . “Sue, is your Edward Indian?”  She said, “Yes.”. . . I don’t know why, but I thought that was really cool.

R. Pattinson is NEVER going to fit that bill. . . 😉



  1. that makes sense.
    i saw previews for twilight while i was reading the book so r pattin son is how i imagine edward.

  2. ok, didn’t read the books, won’t watch the movie, but i have to say this:

    i don’t get the r pattinson thing. AT ALL. he’s not hot. and he’s dirty and proud of it. ick.

  3. I agree, nicole. I am NOT attracted to him. . . which is one reason he will never be my Edward. 🙂

    One of my favorite things. . . was when my friend Jen texted me one night to tell me that “her” Edward was her waiter at Texas Roadhouse. I don’t know that I’ve met my Edward yet. . . but I will NEED to take a picture of him when I do. 🙂

  4. When I was reading the books, I kind of pictured a blonde-haired Edward. Which is weird, b/c I’m not generally attracted to guys with blonde hair.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but in some pictures R.P. kinda looks like Kyle… so maybe “my” Edward does look like him. Who knows.

    I had a very similar experience w/Harry Potter, too. I read the first few books before the movie came out and I had a certain picture in my head. After the movies, I could ONLY picture the actors’ faces, not the ones I had created in my head.

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