Posted by: illinigirl | November 1, 2009

Retail Therapy Update

I was looking for a new perfume. . . and almost posted a status update on facebook to ask people for recommendations this weekend. . . but I was looking at Lucky magazine when I was under the dryer at the hair salon, and they plugged a bunch of perfumes. . . One being Ed Hardy’s Love and Luck.  I marched my butt to Macy’s later to try it and bought it.  Not only do I love the smell, but I also love the funky cool bottle!

Liz M. got me a giftcard to Fossil for my birthday. . . which was so thoughtful and amazing because I basically am banning myself from entering the store for a while. . . but with a gift card in hand, I didn’t feel guilty making a purchase!

They have SO MANY COOL NEW WATCHES OUT!  The thing is, I decided that I needed one with gold.  I rarely used to wear gold. . . but now that I have my favorite necklace from Italy. . . I wear it a few times a week.  I love this watch because it’s so tiny and delicate. . .


dime in the picture to attempt to show you how small it is. 🙂

This is my favorite necklace I bought in Florence.  . it’s actually two-toned so the watch is perfect.  🙂


I didn’t do much shopping after this.  Yeah, sad.  I put down a ton of money on my car (probably went overboard). . . it’s nice to have so much down and a lower payment, but I miss having the extra spending cushion to by clothes whenever I fancy!!!  I love my car, but I don’t love having a car payment again!  :\



  1. Love the perfume, love the watch, love the necklace, love everything! ; )

    My friend Jill just bought the same perfume and I adore it….I think I have asked her everytime I’ve seen her lately what she’s wearing because it smells so good!

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