Posted by: illinigirl | November 1, 2009

Movin’ My Hips Like “Yeah”

What a great day. . .

I would like to state for the record that I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween.  I’m kinda like “meh” about it.

When I was trying to sleep this morning, I thought of an idea for a Halloween costume. . . yes, ON HALLOWEEN.  This is somewhat typical to be doing this at the last minute.  I hate most costumes you can buy. . . and I’m not a big fan of being “slutty” anything. . . and especially when the past four years I’ve been to work parties for Halloween!

Okay, so I had an idea. . . Han nah Montana. . . but I didn’t know if I would pull it off on the day of. . . and I had a hair appointment.

I took my camera out of my purse because I tried to fit my giant vampire book in my purse. . . DOUBLE FAIL because my book didn’t fit, AND I forgot to put my camera back in!

My colorist and two of the girls standing next to her were “Girls Ne xt Door”. . . and the other girl in their area was Hef.  They looked great!

Then. . . there was my hair stylist, Ricky. . . He is HILARIOUS!


He had to deflate his costume a bit to do hair. . . 🙂

(Yes, I have a separate person for color and cuts. . . that’s how my salon does it.  .  . and YES, I have bangs and dark hair. . . I’ll post pictures soon!)

Okay, so after my appointment, I first walked by Wet Seal. . . and was like. . . HELLO, Han nah Montana pink, sparkly clothes!  I picked up a few things. . . and laughed in my head when the sales clerk asked me if I wanted to join the frequent shoppers club.  Ummmm. . . no thanks.  I didn’t tell her I was merely there for a Halloween costume and would not be caught dead in over 90% of the clothes there.  😉  I will say though. . . that I have kinda grown to love the skirt. . . and the top I got there.  I have no idea for what occasion I could wear them, but they are kinda fun!

I wanted something to wear that actually said “Han nah Montana” on it though so people would *know* who I was. . . AND a wig.  I ended up getting a Hannah box set for six year olds at Target. . . and got the LAST Han nah Montana wig!

Okay. . . As it turns out, I’m not six years old. . . so this wasn’t going to work. . . I don’t think Hannah is slutty.  Billy Ray would probably not allow this.

I was excited that it actually velcroed shut in the back. . . but I do not have a torso to support this kid top!

This had to be modified. . . luckily, it worked with what I bought at the mall. . .

Woo hoo!

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t wait to get an idea until the day of Halloween.
  2. Don’t get a wig for a kid. . . because you will get a horrible headache from the elastic squeezing your brain out. . . and will have a giant crease in your forehead an hour after you’ve taken the wig off.

Happy Sunday!  🙂



  1. hilarious!

    and am i the only one AMAZED that you can put on that top? go girl!

  2. i love, love, love his costume. i’ve never seen that one before.

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