Posted by: illinigirl | October 29, 2009

Um, where have you been?

Yeah, I was actually in town this week. . . but I’ve been busy having FUN and did not have time for blogging action.

Well, Monday. . . I tried to have fun, but our plans fell apart.  Jamie was stuck in the rain forever all day. . .  and the weather was crap, and I didn’t feel like driving up North yonder.  We rescheduled dinner with that group.  Sorry Turner for ruining your shot at garlic knots.  Hopefully Gin can bring you leftovers?

Tuesday, I went to dinner with three girls from the book club (for a non-book club meeting). . . because sadly, I have not been able to go to the past two or three book club meetings and I missed these girls!  Luckily, our last meeting of the year has been moved. . . and I can attend!  I finished the book early and have now turned my attention back to Edward, Bella, and Jacob (sorry, needed a break between 3 and 4. . . and I couldn’t take time away from book club books).

Last night, yes. . . I danced.  I didn’t know if many people would go out, as it was raining when I left the house. . . but it was a really fun night with lots of people out.  If only it were a FRIDAY.  The beer tasted too good for it to be a Wednesday.  😦

I think I’m having a low key weekend. . . I’m way tired from a lack of sleep. . . and storms tonight will likely compound this issue.  I am not a big fan of Halloween. . . but I was invited to a party, and I have sadly never been to this friend’s crib so I think I’ll go.  Of course, I don’t have a costume. . . we’ll see if I come up with anything!

Okay, time to share the greatest video I’ve seen in a while. . . check out this little guy’s face.  HILARIOUS.  He’s got SOUL!

(unfortunately, can’t find it anywhere to embed. . . BUT CHECK IT OUT!  It made my night!)



  1. what???? how could you stop reading after book 3, without knowing how it ends?

  2. What have you been reading for book club? Any reccomendations?

  3. Ok LOVED when the little boy switched guitars between songs, awesome!

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