Posted by: illinigirl | October 26, 2009

I heart dorky moments

My family is dorky, and I love it.

I have all sorts of dorky memories growing up (and still have a family that creates dorky moments). . .

LOTS of dorkiness in Austria. . . and lots of using of the timer on the camera!

Me reenacting losing my chapstick in the psychedelic tunnel in the Detroit airport with my sister. . . "Myyyyy chaaapstiiick". (slow motion voice)

Dad posing with my Christmas present one year. . . nice.

Hannah Monta. . . err. . . my mom 🙂

My gorgeous sister

I couldn't keep a straight face! Why was Grandpa pointing and laughing? Because Mom was laughing so hard she could barely take the picture. 🙂

The thing is. . . you can be a closet dork or an out-in-the-open dork.  I tend to think my family keeps it pretty out in the open and does not tend to shy away from embarrassment too much.

My sister and I always have talked about that the people we ultimately end up with will have to be dorky.  Her husband is a closet dork, and for me, it’s a requirement.  I also appreciate this in friends. . . most of my friends are normal, however (or are super closet dorks and I have not seen this side). . .


So on Friday night I went dancing. . . and my friend and I were leaving late.  They pump the music from the bar outside through speakers. . . and all the sudden, he grabs me and takes me by the arm and we stop in the middle of the sidewalk doing arm turns and switching directions every time the music changed and got faster.  There were people coming in and out of the bar and watching us. . . and we didn’t care.

I need more dorky friends.  It’s rough keeping this to myself and waiting until I get home to let it out!

To dorks!  😀



  1. dorky moments = a must.
    you have to have fun and laugh.

  2. there’s nothing wrong with being dorky (or nerdy or geeky, either). Everyone is dorky in their own way, some people just choose not to show it.

    I could do a whole post on the dorky things I do.

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