Posted by: illinigirl | October 25, 2009

Fun times in college

Sorry for the break in action. . . I was out of town again for work, and then I was sick all day yesterday.  I totally blame it on the stupid flu shot.  😐


My poor friend Emily broke her foot dancing at a wedding last weekend. . . yep, she’s hardcore.  🙂

She was talking about how she isn’t the only one that specializes in awkward. . . but I remembered a really awkward injury I had. . . and I thought I’d share. 🙂

In college, I had a cactus in my dorm room.  Who doesn’t, right?

It was on my windowsill. . . and one night I put it on the floor beneath my bed because I was dusting the windowsill. . . BUT I got a phone call.  As I was going to grab the phone, I stepped off the bed. . . directly onto my CACTUS.  I answered the phone with a whimper, and hung up (It was my mom.). . .

In examining my foot, I could see giant needles sticking in.  Yeah. . . nasty.  The thing is, some were BELOW the skin.  Ick.  It still hurts me to think about it.  It hurt so badly to walk.  I called my University’s dial-a-nurse, and they told me to soak my foot in Epsom salt (yeah, I bet that’s not a call they received every night).  I soaked it for a few nights, and it worked like a charm!

This is just *some* of useful information that I can disseminate with my blog. . . yeah, YOU’RE WELCOME!  🙂


  1. ouch!
    my brother fell into the same cactus TWICE when we lived in effingham. i can still picture those needles sticking out of his arm and watching my mom soak it in our friend’s kid pool.

  2. good to know! next time i spear myself with a cactus, i’ll grab the salts! 🙂

    ahh, dial-a-nurse. memories.

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