Posted by: illinigirl | October 18, 2009

She Bangs! She Bangs!

Okay, you know you wanna see this first. . .

BUT. . . this post is actually about. . . Bangs.

I am getting my hair done on Halloween.  I’m 90% sure I’ll go dark again.  I really liked it, although it was met with mixed reviews.  It seemed that people either LOVED it. . . or hated it.

I am also beginning to contemplate. . . bangs.  I haven’t had them since approximately. . . 2000.

Here is why I am contemplating this:

a)  I like the pictures of me from Junior year with bangs.  See below.  (I was going to scan more pictures, but my scanner is currently being STUPID.)

I think this is partially because I was tan most of Junior year. . . because I went on several trips and tanned for them (TERRIBLE, I know). . . but I look so much better with color.

b) I have a huge forehead.

c) There was a “c”, but I can’t remember it.

The only discouraging thing about bangs is when you decide you no longer want them.  The growing out period is not pretty. . .

Please take the poll below. . . EVEN IF YOU ARE A LURKER.  I will not know who you are so it’s a risk-free vote!  🙂



  1. Please note that the most weight goes to my hairdresser, Ricky. . . BUT I do value your opinions!

  2. i voted for bangs… but since your hair is already long, I’d recommend longer side-swept bangs and not straight across like in the pix. Just my 2 cents.

  3. i voted for bangs, too, but do something side swept like cari said!

    i’ve had bangs for a couple of years now, ever since i read about them making you look younger… 🙂 not that YOU need that help. but i do!

  4. I’m doing bangs tomorrow! I think you should too! I fear if I don’t, my hair will look too stuck in the 90’s… since it is pretty much the same as in your pictures!

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