Posted by: illinigirl | October 17, 2009

I’ve had misadventures. . . I’ve even got pictures


Katie and I went to see him at the Rodeo. . . but of course, even when you have good seats. . . the artists are playing in the middle of a football field so it’s still far away.  Plus, the acoustics and such are not usually that great.  This being said, Gary was AMAZING at the Rodeo.  See previous entry here. . .

Well, I got an email from ticketmaster saying that he was going to be playing at House of Blues, and I knew I couldn’t miss it in such a small venue!  I ended up getting four tickets because I knew friends would want to go.  Katie was a given because I KNEW she shared my love of Gary!

Shows where you have to stand are stressful. . . especially when you’re not the tallest!  We got to HOB early though and ended up about 10-12 feet away from the stage most of the night. . . and then at the end, only ~5 feet.

It is SO COOL to see people this close. . . especially when you are close enough when they are looking at you while they are singing!

I have only had three other experience where I was this close. . . or closer. . .

So the website said “No Cameras”. . . YET I COULD HAVE BROUGHT MY CAMERA!  😦

Katie got some great pictures from her phone. . . and Lori had her camera. . . and the lady standing next to us got some AMAZING pictures.  I friended her on facebook tonight so she can share hers.  🙂

My phone takes crappy pictures. . . but this will give you an idea of how close we were!


In-freakin-credible, right?

He threw out some guitar picks. . . and I didn’t catch one, BUT it fell on the floor next to me, and I GOT IT!  🙂  Check out the pictures. . . so cool!!!

Front of the guitar pick

Front of the guitar pick

The back of the pick. . . how funny is this???  :)

The back of the pick. . . how funny is this??? 🙂


The only songs he didn’t play were “Her Man” and “Smoke Rings in the Dark”. . . I can’t complain, BUT. . . I do love “Her Man”. . . I will just have to listen to it a lot this weekend to make up for not hearing it live.  🙂



  1. i love, love, love gary allan. that is absolutely incredible!

  2. I’m going to have to look him up and listen to his songs, obviously I have been missing out on something amazing! ; )

    Love the guitar pick, that’s awesome!

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