Posted by: illinigirl | October 13, 2009

I heart the 90s

I have fallen into a trap, ladies and gentlemen. . . an satellite radio trap.

I had satellite radio in one of my rental cars back in June, and I thought. . . this is pretty cool. . . but I wasn’t totally sold.

Okay, now I have a three-month trial in my new car. . . and that I have discovered more and more cool stations (and have not even tipped the iceberg), I am TOTALLY sold.

My favorite station is definitely the 90s station.  It’s just so flipping good. . . it takes me back to high school and college. . . and I hear things I would never hear on the radio.  My other favorite station is the Country station for the 90s.  Also, so flipping good. . . and it’s rare to hear any of those songs on the radio.

I thought I would listen to my ipod all the time (and honestly, on long trips I probably always will). . . but it’s a bit of a dangerous pain in the butt to operate while driving.  I have to set up an on-the-go list of songs I feel like that day to use the ipod. . . Sooooo. . . I listen to satellite radio 95% of the time.

Yes, this could very much leave me out of touch, musically, seeing as I’m stuck in the 90s and 80s. . . but eh, I don’t care.

Some songs I’ve heard that totally take me back. . .

1) November Rain (Guns n Roses)–You did NOT wanna get stuck dancing with someone who smelled during this song at the Jr. High dance.  It was a LONG song.  Somebody good better ask you to dance, or you better make your way to the bathroom STAT so no one can trap you for this song!

2)  Poison (Bel Biv Devoe)–I downloaded some Bel Biv Devoe back in the day when I was living in NH because I heard it in a bar in Boston, and it was so fun to dance to and brought back memories.  I LOVE when I hear this.

3) 6 Underground (Sneaker Pimps)–This was played on “The Planet” in high school/college.  There was a long period when I listened to The Planet and love old alternative stuff.

4) C’est la Vie (B*witched)–Um, I have not heard this since. .. 1997?  What the hell was I thinking EVER listening to such CRAP?  It CRACKED ME UP TO HEAR IT THOUGH!

5) Pump Up the Jam (Technotronic)–Dancing in the car?  Don’t mind if I do.

6) Fantastic Voyage (Coolio)–Seriously, where you gonna here that on the radio?

7) C&C Music Factory–Makes me think of “The Office”. . . as Michael did play their tuns in the cafe disco!

8 ) THE DIXIE CHICKS!  Yes, satellite radio has NOT shunned them thankyouverymuch.  They have some seriously good stuff, but unfortunately some of our country is so closed minded that they have been essentially banned from radio???  Not “essentially”, actually. . . they totally have been banned.  DON’T even get me started on this topic or all the ignorant people around this issue.  Seriously, I have wanted to do a blog entry about this, but it would likely turn into RAGE so I need to back away from the computer right now.

Okay, I am super under the influence of benadryl can’t think of anymore!  I will post any songs that I think about later because literally. . . this station makes me smile daily. . . even on crappy days.

Now I need to pay for this service for future months. . . fell in the trap of 90s love.

I also love the 80s station. . . and in honor of the 80s, it’s my duty to inform you that C.O. Daniels, home of Timewarp Tuesdays is for sale. . . which one of my friends would like to buy it so I can crash timewarp Tuesday and not feel weird about it?  (Credit to Jason for pointing out that this is for sale!)


  1. eric wants satallite radio but since he works 1.5 miles away, i told him no. he’s just not in his car enough. but he would LOVE it.

  2. Does the dish on your roof of your car make a noise when you are going down the interstate highway?

  3. I also heart the 90s. Take this quiz and see how well you do:

    I think I got 85-90 right… would’ve been more but apparently I can’t spell!

  4. you may also enjoy this one:

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