Posted by: illinigirl | October 12, 2009

Interview with Myself–“It’s been a while” Edition

Why haven’t you been available for interviews in the past few months?

I’ve been too busy working, traveling, hob-knobbing, etc.

Is that really how you spell hob-knobbing?

I have no idea.  That’s the drawback to a written interview with yourself.  Plus, I am far too lazy to look into this spelling.

Do you still love your car?

YES, indeed.

What about your hole in the wall. . . is it still there?

YES, unfortunately.  It seems that the times that are most convenient for the guy who will do the work is precisely when I’m out of town.  :\

When are you going out of town next?

Next week, a short trip to the Lou.  It will be semi-crazy, but I will survive!

What about after that?

I’m going to Illinois the weekend of November 7th for my friend Jason’s wedding.  It will be weird because while he is one of my closest friends, we have never really lived in the same place for more than parts of a few years in college. . . so I don’t know many of his friends or family and have never met his fiance.  I’ve already had some strange dreams about his wedding. . . I hope that they don’t come true. . . although the strange ceremony in my dreams would certainly make for good blog fodder!  😀

You’ve had several other weird dreams lately.  What’s up with that?

I’ve been reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” before bed.  I think this has inspired a few sappy romantic dreams. . . because nothing else in my life could inspire anything relatively sappy!  I’ve been dreaming a lot about college, too.  Last night, I was walking into a class in Greg Hall. . . where they were passing out softcover phonics books (think–2nd grade). . . yet some of the seats were taken out of the middle part of Greg call, and people were ballroom dancing there?  Okay?

Any more major vacations this year?

Nope.  Not enough vacation time and/or money. . . what a bummer!  If only my dad could hurry up and win the flipping Lotto, I could plan more trips!

So I hear you are considering taking a spa weekend trip next year, seeing as you suck at taking relaxing trips. . . sounds like a great idea!  Go, you!

I know, I know. . . It’s BRILLIANT!  I was looking up a hotel for work, and this is the main picture that comes up from Westin. . . . . how cool is THAT?  Also, when you look up hotels, it pulls up a really pretty picture.  I copied this website and the website that comes up when you look up hotels (it comes up as the top banner for ANY location whenever you search for something, and I was searching for St. Louis). . . I emailed these sites to Westin and asked them from what hotel locations these pics were taken.  Answer was. . . St. Louis.  Wow, that was super-helpful.  Clearly you have NEVER seen St. Louis before Mr. or Ms. Customer Service Person, as I’m not aware of mountains and such in the vicinity!  :\  Luckily, Liz is a super-sleuth and found the location of the main site is a spa/resort in Colorado.  We are going to need to research such spas. . . 🙂

What is up with this energy plan you signed up for?

I signed up for this program to help boost energy through my health provider.  First off, I thought they were going to send me emails daily with tips. . . but it appears to only be one a week?. . . and the first one told me to increase my physical activity to 30 minutes daily.  Thanks for the tip!  So motivating!  I think it’s extra neat that I scheduled the first day of this program to a day where I got four hours of sleep due to feeling like crap. . . I’m off to an awesome start!  😉

Seriously, you need to start the Christmas newsletter soon.  I’m not sure how this is going to work with your millions of pictures this year.

I know, I know. . . soon, soon.

Nighty-night! . . . or Good morning!



  1. i missed the interview edition.
    i’m picking up the time traveler’s wife at the library today. i’m excited b/c i’ve been on the waitlist for the past month or so.

  2. i’m cracking up at the customer service person who thought that picture was from STL! hilarious. but we do have mountain here, hannah…haven’t you ever driven down to the fenton area? there’s like rocky bluffs and stuff. c’mon.

  3. will time traveler’s wife upset me? i’ve been avoiding reading it because i can hardly even watch the damn previews.

    sorry for saying damn.

    here’s a spa/resort that i am DYING TO GO TO:

    it’s in tofino, which is near vancouver. i think you might have to take a sea plane to get to it. i got voted one of the worlds’ best spas. please go there. and take me with you!

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