Posted by: illinigirl | October 4, 2009


It was a good day to feel lousy, as there were GREAT movies on. . .

Here are my favorite scenes from each. . .

Good Will Hunting

When Harry Met Sally

(Not sure if this is my favorite. . . it was too difficult to just pick one.)

Notting Hill

(Okay, this is NOT my favorite scene, as it’s not on youtube. . . my favorite part is the dinner for his sister.  Love all the characters and love how they all scream as soon as Will and Anna leave the house!  Totally what would happen in real life!. . . But I do love this song and this scene.)

I am feeling a little better tonight, but still ready for bed.  The bummer is that I have a work trip tomorrow to Austin and won’t get back until late Wednesday.  It’s going to be a rough week. . .



  1. one of brian and taryn’s wedding ceremony readings was that scene from when harry met sally. how cute is that?

  2. Oh wow….a day to lie around and watch these movies….that sounds like heaven to me! ; ) I love Notting Hill and the scene you mentioned – it’s so sweet and hilarious!

  3. i love the dinner scene (notting hill) too, especially when hugh grant’s sister tries to go to the bathroom with her.
    this makes me want to watch it tomorrow.

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