Posted by: illinigirl | October 1, 2009

Special moment

I had one of my first moments at the place where I volunteer tonight when I got totally choked up.  (NOT in front of people, thank goodness. . . just got slightly teary for a minute.)  It’s funny because I have these encounters all the time, yet they usually don’t get me so emotional.  Maybe it’s my period?  Extreme tired?  I dunno.

I was taking a sick girl (probably ~10 or 11 years old) to a TV room with her grandma.  Her grandma had her hand on her granddaughter’s back and was just so sweet.  It just reminded me of my grandma taking care of me when I was sick when I was little. . . but of course, this was a whole different level of sick.  Just the way that she and her grandma talked to me and each other, and the quiet, yet tangible LOVE these two had for each other really moved me.

They are praying for good news tomorrow so they can go home. . . would you include them in your prayers?

Actually, I know tons of people who need prayers these days. . . go ahead and include all these special intentions in your prayer pot.




  1. So sweet. I think sometimes things like that just hit you when you need them to.

  2. i just love that you volunteer there. i really don’t know if i could do it.

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