Posted by: illinigirl | September 30, 2009

What’s in your purse?

I don’t carry much in my purse. . . I always have phones (personal and work phone), wallet, camera (always. . . you never know when you might need to take a picture), lip gloss, powder, gum, keys.  I have never really had the need for a BIG purse, which is nice.

I will say that after my trip to Italy, I kept some stuff from that trip in my purse because I like pulling something out and finding a little map of Florence.  It makes me happy.  🙂  Also, there is a possibility that I’m disorganized. . . but I like to think that I’m leaving little reminders.  😉

When I was home a few weeks ago, my Aunt got into my 8 year old cousin’s purse at a football game. . . check out the contents of her purse. . .


What else could you need at a football game?  Wax sticks, a bandaid, a rock, some marbles, a colorful binder clip, money, and two bears. . .

Too cute. . . You’ve gotta love the simplicity of being a kid.  🙂



  1. cute! there’s always WAAAAY too much stuff in my purse. receipts, smarties candy for when kids are threatening to misbehave at the store and i can nip it in the bud, coupons…

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