Posted by: illinigirl | September 29, 2009

Silent Disco

I forgot to post this video in yesterday’s blog. . .

At the beer fest, they had silent disco. . .

This is a dancing area where everyone is listening to music in their headphones. . . so it looks like everyone is dancing to. . . NOTHING.  I wish I would have taped later in the night when people were more loose and there was a line FOREVER long!

Very creative forms of entertainment made even better by beer.  🙂

I wonder what song they were playing???



  1. Omigosh, that’s HILARIOUS!

    I used to listen to my iPod through my headphones in the car. One day, my phone accidentally called Kyle and he heard me singing along in the car… but couldn’t hear the background music, so it was just my singing voice.

    Soon after that, he got me an iPod adapter for my car. That probably tells you a little something about my singing abilities.

    Thank God no one took video of that 😉

  2. Very VERY funny……wouldn’t it be funny if they did karaoke like this and all you heard was the person singing…..ha! ha!

  3. Cari–Too funny about Kyle!

    Angela–I don’t know if I’d like that version of karaoke! I’ve heard plenty where it’s best that the music covers up at least some of the hideousness!

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