Posted by: illinigirl | September 27, 2009

Home at last

I promise I will do a full blog about the beer fest with lots of pictures and videos. . . but yes, this will be very time consuming, and I need to go to BED!


#1.  Try and SLEEP a little the week before you go for a beer fest.  Try to not have your birthday fall during a beer fest week. . . and try to not have the Cardinals in town. . . and try to not have friends in town.  Also, take a respectable NAP the day of the event!

#2.  Do not wear shoes that seem somewhat comfortable. . . but shoes that tend to rub your feet, from past experiences. . . WEAR TENNIS SHOES.  You will be on concrete for six hours, for pity’s sake.  This is NO TIME to be FASHIONABLE.

#3.  Obtain sustenance beforehand. . . but not so much that you are 100% FULL.

#4.  One oz. of beer may seem like it’s not enough. . . but it can be enough. . . especially when most of the beers you are drinking are absolutely horrible.

#5.  Try and go on a weekday session, when the crowds are not so bad, and they are not running out of stuff.

#6.  Just drink whatever Becca says is good.  She has the same taste.

#7.  Any beer with watermelon in the title is NOT a good idea.  Trust me.

#8.  You may need some caffeine in the line-up if you do not adhere to rule #1.

#9.  It seems like five hours is not going to be a long time to taste. . . but believe it or not, you very well get tired of tasting gross beers after hour 4. . . maybe even hour 3.  You may start doubling (and trippling) back to places that you really liked.  It’s plenty of time.

#10.  Make sure to save some time at the end of the night to watch karaoke and other various forms of entertainment.  It is PRICELESS!

More to come!!!



  1. watermelon beer doesn’t even sound good.

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