Posted by: illinigirl | September 20, 2009

SWEET. . .

I had a GREAT trip back home after a long week away from home for work. . . This sums up my favorite part of the weekend. . . Dinner Sunday night.  THANK YOU and GODBLESSYOU to my parents for going to the farmers’ market to get me the last of the remaining sweet corn. . . HEAVEN. . . HEAVEN!  My other favorite part of the night was setting up Mom’s facebook account.  Mom and I laughed so hard at one point that we were in tears.  FUN TIMES!

Mmmmmm. . .

Mmmmmm. . .

Ever have a blogging day when your stats spike for no apparent reason with not much indicating that views on particular posts or referrals go up?  WEIRD.

I had a lurker come out of lurking this weekend. . . Welcome Paul, and thanks for your dedication to “illini_girl’s adventures”!  🙂  I love it when lurkers de-lurk.  I was also made aware of another lurker, but I will not reveal who it is. . . because this lurker is still a lurker in hiding.  Lurk away!  But let me know that you’re reading when you see me. . . it’s fun to know that I’m not just talking to myself.  😉

Please note that I am busy as all get out this week. . .

Monday–Cardinals game 🙂

Tuesday–My friend Rich is swinging through town on his way to move to San Diego!

Wednesday–30th birthday dancing showdown

Thursday–Do laundry and pack. . . AGAIN!

Friday–Leave for beer festival in Denver. . .


Sunday–Come back to H-town again. . . and die from exhaustion.

ALL of this. . . with a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY work week, getting my car fixed. . . and getting the hole in my wall fixed.  God, please grant me sanity this week!

Time for BED!



  1. i bet you’re getting excited for your bday (even if it is #30).

  2. For my next birthday, I plan on copying this post and asking all the lurkers to de-lurk on my birthday… I think you should, too 😉

  3. why is your car getting fixed? it’s new. i’m worried.

  4. You and I had a conversation Friday night about someone reading your blog. That same person also reads mine 🙂 He got it from Carich’s blog roll. Super fun! And again, I am glad I got to see you at the game.

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