Posted by: illinigirl | September 1, 2009

Neat stuff

I think that the following are signs that my life is slowly spiraling out of control. . .

a)  I have been out of toilet paper in my master bathroom for over a week.  I first raided every bathroom in my house (luckily, I have two others). . . and then this weekend, I moved on to using little packets of travel kleenex.  I KEPT FORGETTING TO BUY TOILET PAPER.    I am finally restocked.

b)  My house is a dis-a-ster. . . yet I decided to go out and see some former co-workers and spouses who I love, love, love tonight instead of dealing with stuff.

c)  I just learned how to turn on my headlights.  This morning seemed quite dark, and I could not figure out how to find buttons to radio stations and controls in the dark.  I looked in the manual and thought. . . what the hell?  Am I just supposed to learn where these buttons are in the daytime?  Same thing tonight. . . and then I was driving down a street which was quite dark and thought. . . um, it doesn’t appear that I have headlights on.  Yeah, it’s called the AUTO button on the headlight control.  Neat.

d)  I have had cupcakes for breakfast the past two days.  It’s been delightful, but it kinda makes me wanna throw up.  I LOVE my cupcake place, but I think I’ve ODed in buying five and eating them all myself.  I have one left, and I don’t know if I can eat it. . . In my taste testing, strawberry is still my hands down favorite.  The others are too, too sweet.

e)  I am heading out of town on Friday. . . and getting back on Thursday.  . . and then leaving again on Sunday. . . and coming back on Sunday.  You will not see much of me over the next two weeks. . . and then it’s my birthday week, full of plans, a weekend in Denver, and a friend coming on the 3rd.  I basically want to die thinking about all of this.

f)  I am currently hyperventalating.

g)  Did I mention I am having a home issue?  I think I have a water leak in my wall.  YES, they are going to have to rip apart my walls to find a leak.

h)  “h” is for hyperventilating. . . more. . .

On that note, I have stuff to do!!!



  1. Maybe a pipe will burst and drown all the bed bugs.

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